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8500 Annapolis Rd STE 209
New Carrollton, MD 20784
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Change Your Life With A New Smile

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Before Invisalign

After Invisalign

What To Expect After Treatment

How Does Invisalign Work

Free Invisalign Consultation
Includes  digital scan and smile simulation

Why Choose Us

Premier Invisalign Provider
Dr. Lynn Mbandi

After practicing dentistry for over 13 years, Dr. Lynn has become one of the area's most prominent invisalign providers

Dr. Lynn has the training, experience, and passion, to deliver great smiles and change lives. 

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Zero Down Financing

Hair Model Smiling

That's something to smile about

Hospital-Grade Infection Control

Mask for patients and staff, air purifiers and aerosol elimination devices are now the norm at metro Dental

Free Invisalign Consultation
Includes digital scan and smile simulation

Why Choose Invisalign Over Metal Braces or Other Aligners

Invisalign gets results 2x faster than braces


  1. Increased risk of cavities because is harder to floss and brush between the wires

  2. The wires are very visible

  3. Higher likelihood of pain and discomfort when the wires are tightened

  4. Certain foods might be off limits 

  5. Takes a long time  to see results


  1. No wires to brush or floss around. Simply remove the aligners and clean like you normally would

  2. Invisalign is barely visible. No one needs to know.

  3. The aligners are very comfortable to wear. No wires to tighten

  4. No limitations on what you can eat. Remove the aligners and enjoy your meal

  5. Produces results 2x faster than braces

Free Invisalign Consultation
Includes  digital scan and smile simulation

Zero-down Financing Options



Ave/Good Credit? Get Rewarded!

Bad Credit? 
No Problem!

$0 down
$98.00 - $150.00
Per month
35% Down
$450 to $550
Per month

Free Invisalign Consultation
Includes  digital scan and smile simulation

Learn More About Our Practice

Take a Look Inside Our Office

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Patient Testimonials

Free Invisalign Consultation
Includes  digital scan and smile simulation

Metro Dental is Family Owned and Operated


Meet Dr. Lynn

I am Dr. Lynn Mbandi, and I have practiced as a licensed family and cosmetic dentist for the past ten years. I graduated from Howard University Dental School with honors in 2008 and completed my residency in 2009 at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas.
Offering patients the highest quality of care, leveraging the latest in dental technology, is of paramount importance to me. In achieving this goal, over the last decade, I have completed numerous continuing education courses to keep abreast with the evolving landscape of dentistry
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