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Oral Disease Can Weaken  Your Immune System

Metro Dental Covid-19 Safety Measures

Closed-off Treatment Rooms

We have installed plastic barriers to prevent aerosols from escaping the treatment rooms into the rest of the office


Aerosol Elimination Devices

On every patient, we use an intra-oral suction device that prevent aerosols from leaving the patient mouth during dental procedures


New Staff and Patient Protocols

All patients and staff get a temperature check and are given gloves upon arrival. Patients MUST wear a mask at all times except during the dental procedure in an enclosed treatment room. We also limit the number of patients in the waiting room to 2 patients at a time


Personal Protective Equipment

All clinical staff members wear disposable gowns, face shields, and N95 masks


Air Purification System

The entire offices has been outfitted with several air purifiers that can filter particles 10 times smaller than a corona virus. These air purifiers which use hepa filters and UV light sterilization, cycle the air in the entire office 20 times every hour  

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